Kushma Chaudhary

Bardiya, Nepal

Kushma lives in Burigaun, Bardiya District in Central Nepal. She was seven when her father disappeared during the conflict, plunging the family into poverty and has used embroidery as a way to recover. In the process. Kushma has become a well-known and much-admired fiber artist, trainer and community leader. She was introduced to embroidery in 2016 when she joined 40 other family members of the disappeared to receive training from Sarita, who has also produced embroidery for this store. Kushma has continued to refine her technique and skills through subsequent projects. In 2018 she described the arrest of her father for the Bardiya Memorial Quilts. She followed this in 2020 by making powerful stories about loneliness for the Nepal COVID Quilt and tiger bags. In 2022 we asked Kushma and Kanchan, her close friend, to teach embroidery to disadvantaged women from the Tharu minority and they hope to continue training together in 2023. Kushma and her friends have one more achievement to their credit. Through their embroidery projects they have introduced a new style of fiber art, particular to this region of Nepal. This is based around punch-needle embroidery in which the needle is pushed down and back to produce heavy looping on one side and exquisitely detailed stitching on the other. 

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