The Advocacy Project supports a network of community-based organizations in the Global South. These groups organized embroidery training for the artists who have contributed to this store and we are deeply grateful to them all. Read more about their work below.

  • Shield of Faith

    Shield of Faith is women's association in the informal settlement of Kibera, Nairobi Kenya. The association was formed in 2020 by Stella Makena, seen in the photo, to organize embroidery training. It has expanded to take on social problems, like food waste and pollution. One project to support composting has enabled members to produce their own fertilizer and grow up to 40% of their produce.

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  • Women Advocacy Project (WAP)

    Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, WAP was founded by Constance Mugari, seen in the photo above. WAP's mission is to abolish child marriage, promote the rights of women and empower women in girls. One of WAP's projects helps over 60 girls to make and sell Clean Girl Soap. Since 2019, they have sold over 40,000 bottles of soap and reduced the financial pressure on their families.

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  • Network of Families of the Disappeared (NEFAD)

    Since 2016, AP has worked with a group of family members in central Nepal who are led by Sarita Thapa, seen above. Known as Bardiya Embroidery Collective, this chapter of NEFAD's members are among the most skilled stictchers and storytellers that have provided embroidery for this store.

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  • Kangemi Advocacy and Self Help Group

    This community based association is based in the informal settlement of Kangemi, Nairobi, Kenya. It was launched in 2020 by Caren Mbyaki, seen on the right in the photo, to organize embroidery trainings. Group members have since contributed powerful stories towards the Kenyan COVID Quilts, seen in the photo. The group has used the quilts to launch a highly successful vaccination campaign in Kangemi successfully persuading over 1,200 people get fully vaccinated.

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  • Women in Action for Women (WAW)

    WAW was founded in 2018 in Gulu, Northern Uganda by Victoria Nyanjura, seen above. Its mission is to support women who were kdnapped and forced into sexual slavery by rebels from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Under Victoria's leadership, WAW members have described their ordeal through advocacy quilts, photographed above. They have continued their embroidery and have produced elegant blocks about the pandemic and African breads.

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  • Backwards Education Society (BASE)

    BASE is a movement that advocactes for the rights of the Tharu people who live in Central Nepal. It was founded by Dilli Chaudhary and has been a close partner of The Advocacy Project since 2008. Together, we have campaign for the release of domestic slaves known as kamlari and the empowerment of dishwashers.

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