Customer FAQs

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How much of the sale price goes to the artist?


What if a block I like is sold out?

If you want a block that is marked “Sold Out”, please contact us.  If possible, we will commission a new block for you.  Please be aware that, because these blocks are handmade, there will likely be some variation from the original.

How can I continue to support the store without purchasing more blocks?

By telling us how you have used your block! Please send a photo to Photos will be shared on the “Inspirations” page of the store.

Are there other ways to support these artists?

Yes! The Advocacy Project helps to support artists through start-ups and programs that are described here on our website. Donations can be made through our home page or through individual appeals on GlobalGiving.

Are products modified before being sold?

All blocks are washed and ironed before being shipped out.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped out to customers with a card every week. Every shipment will come with a tracking number and we ask customers to notify us if they do not receive their item within two weeks. 

Is the store only selling blocks, bags and hangings?

For the time being, yes. We will discuss whether to expand inventory going forward.

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Artist FAQs

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What are artists paid?

In 2023 will pay $25 for the first block produced by a new artist following training, regardless of whether the block sells. The artist will also be paid if her product sells. AP will continue to support the purchase of materials.

How are artists chosen?

The store is open to all artists who have taken part in past embroidery projects with The Advocacy Project, going back to 2008. There is no time limit and we hope to hear from as many as possible. We will also make the store available to future partners.

Are there any restrictions?

To participate, artists must receive embroidery training from an AP team member or a trainer designated by AP before submitting embroidery for sale. There are no restrictions on content but some subjects (animals, village scenes) sell better than others and we recommend that artists review the store to see what sells best. The AP team reserves the right to reject unsuitable designs, and we strongly suggest that artists or their trainer email us a photo of the pencil drawing in advance.

Is there a limit to the number of blocks that artists can submit?

No, there is no limit, but the blocks must be high quality.

How will artists receive their money?

We will make a transfer by bank or Western Union at the end of every month to AP representatives in Nairobi, Bamako, Gulu, Harare, and Kathmandu. These friends will pay each artist individually and ask for a receipt.

Must artists sign their embroidered products?

We encourage artists to add a small embroidered signature to help customers identify your art and personalize the brand. This should be discreet and not detract from the quality of the block or bag. It may be initials or a symbol you choose to represent yourself.

What if our block or bag does not sell?

Any unsold blocks or other products will remain on the store indefinitely.