Recently purchased an embroidery block? Looking for an inspired way to put it to good use? This page will carry examples of how customers are using their blocks. Please send us a photo or video, plus a description of your own creation! Every example will be posted on this page and inspire the Southern artist to produce more fine work. Email us at

  • Bobbi, Wilmington, NC

    Bobbie used an embroidery from Christine in Kenya as the centerpiece of tis beautiful pillow case.

  • Abby, Chicago, IL

    Using an embroidered fish by Ashima in Nepal, Abby stiched the design onto a t-shirt using a blanket stitch.

  • Anne, Wilmington, NC

    Anne turned an embroidered flower into a colorful fabric bowl.

  • Bobbi, Wilmington, NC

    Bobbi created this beautiful card using a butterfly embroidery from Uganda.