Tanatswa Sachiti

Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tanatswa, 17, lives in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Together with her sister Evelyn, Tanatswa was one of the first to sign up for the 2018 program to empower girls and reduce the level of child marriage run by Women Advocacy Project (WAP). Tanatswa has become an experienced stitcher after making two powerful blocks for the Zimbabwe Child Marriage Quilt and the Zimbabwe COVID Quilt. She is also one of the most successful sellers of Clean Girl soap and the money she earns from selling soap helps to take some of the pressure off Tanatswa’s parents, who were forced to stop trading during the pandemic. Tanatswa is deeply loyal to her family and admires her older sister Evelyn, one of the first WAP girl ambassadors, and her younger brother, who is very smart. Tanatswa is still studying for her O levels but hopes to continue her education and eventually study computer programming at college.

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