Susan Nyambura

Kangemi, Nairobi, Kenya

Susan lives in the informal settlement of Kangemi, Nairobi, with her three children. She is currently unemployed but works odd jobs to support her family. Susan participated in three successful embroidery projects before offering her work for sale on this store. In 2019 she contributed a story about the challenges that face women in collecting water in the Nairobi settlements for the Woman’s World Quilt. The following year she stitched a lion for the Sister Artists 2 challenge which was quilted by Stephanie Adams in Maryland and auctioned. Susan’s third embroidered story described the impact of curfew on communities for the Kenyan COVID Quilts project. Susan is a member of the Kangemi Advocacy and Self Help Group which formed in 2020 to organize embroidery training and went on to launch a highly successful vaccination campaign in the settlement.

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