Laxhima Chaudhary


Laxhima lives near Tulsipor in Central Nepal in Nepal with her husband, son, sister-in-law, and in-laws. The family does not own land and depends on daily labor. Laxhima’s husband works as a mason while Laxhima washes dishes and cleans for a household which brings 5,000 5000 NPR ($40) a month. Laxhima attended school up to grade 10 and regrets that she is no longer studying because it makes her more forgetful! Just being educated is not enough, she says: “When you do not use your skills you forget them.” Lazhima came to embroidery in the summer of 2022 when she received training from Kushma and Kanchan, who have also made embroidery for this store, in Tulsipor. Laxhima learned about the training through a savings group run by Backward Society Education (BASE), an advocate for the Tharu people. Laxhima enjoyed the training a lot and hopes to use her new skills to make and sell more pieces.

Work by Laxhima

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