Christine Kibuka

Kangemi, Kenya

Christine is a professional fiber artist who was born in Uganda and now lives in Kenya. Christine is a skilled embroiderer whose work sells in the UK. She was the perfect choice to lead embroidery trainings for women from the Kibera and Kangemi settlements which were organized by The Advocacy Project at the 2019 UN Summit on Women and Girls in Nairobi. The training produced twenty powerful stories about the lack of services in Nairobi which were assembled into the Woman’s World Quilt at the conference. She was next called into action to lead a training in 2020 to produce stories for the Kenyan COVID quilts. She followed this with a third training in 2021 to produce blocks for the Sister Artists 2 challenge. Christine contributed her own block - a splendid leopard that was quilted by Ellen Fisher in New Hampshire and auctioned. Christine's fine pieces for this store attest to her skills as a story-teller and stitcher.

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