Ashima Chaudhary

Dang, Nepal

Ashima, 21, lives near Tulsipor in the District of Dang with her family of six that includes her husband, in-laws, and brother-in-law. The family owns a small grocery store attached to their home and it is here that Ashima usually spends her time and does her embroidery. Ashima married her husband, who is a policeman, at the age of 19 and she is still in grade 12, the last grade of high school. Ashima came to embroidery in the summer of 2022 when she received training in Tulsipor from Kushma and Kanchan, who have also made embroidery for this store. She loved the training because it gave her the chance to make new friends, and she was enthusiastically supported by her family who are very proud of her new stitching skills! Ashima's embroidered fish was the first to sell on this store. She is keen to make many more pieces.

Work by Ashima