Alina Chaudhary

Bardiya, Nepal

Alina lives in Burigaun, Bardiya District, in central Nepal. She was an infant when her father disappeared in 2003 but the loss has played an important role in Alina's emergence as a skilled fiber artist. Alina was 17 when she joined the Bardiya cooperative to learn embroidery in 2017 and she used her new skill to described the loss of her father for the Bardiya Memorial Quilts. She followed this in 2020 with several powerful designs for the Nepal COVID quilt and joined the team to make tiger bags the following year. Alina married in 2022 and now makes bags from home. She remains close to her friends in the cooperative and hopes that her embroidery will find a market.

Alina and her friends have one more achievement to their credit. Through their embroidery projects they have introduced a new style of fiber art, particular to this region of Nepal. This is based around punch-needle embroidery in which the needle is pushed down and back to produce heavy looping on one side and exquisitely detailed stitching on the other.

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